Light gauge steel framing has been used in commercial and residential construction, but you probably never noticed it because you can't see the framing in a building. Steel has numerous advantages over traditional wood framing. We have embraced steel framing as the absolute best method of constructing a lasting outdoor deck project because it will never rot, shrink, warp, bend, or settle like wood-framed decks. Since wood is a natural product, it is impossible to predict how it will move while subjected to years of outdoor exposure. Steel is dimensionally stable and is stronger than wood so it allows longer spans and less support posts, which adds to it's efficiency.

When we are done building your deck, only you will know it's underlying structure is steel and not wood. All of the framing is concealed behind the deck surface so it won't look or feel any different than what you're used to. Steel framing is just one of the unique features we can include in your deck project.


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