Deck Building and Construction: How We Build Decks

When building a deck our first priority is making sure that we are building a deck that will last. It begins with the deck framing.

We use structural galvanized light gauge steel framing when budget allows because of the advantages it has over traditional wood deck framing. We see steel framing as the best method of constructing a lasting outdoor deck project because it will never rot, shrink, warp, bend or settle like wood has a potential to do. It is virtually impossible to predict the movement of wood over the lifespan of a deck. Steel is dimensionally stable and is both stronger and lighter than wood framing.

Steel framing is just one option we offer in our deck installation.

We are still believers in wood frame deck construction because of how well we construct our wood framed decks. All framing lumber nowadays is new growth lumber which means the end grain does not hold fasteners like it used to. To remedy this, we now use all structural fastening hardware like Fastenmaster Timberloks, Headloks, and Thruloks instead of nails. We use all number 1 grade pressure treated lumber, which still can vary in thickness. To combat this wood deck construction issue, we plane all of our deck framing flat so any variation in the board thickness is no longer a problem. All our seam board connections and picture frame connections are screwed together rather than nailed so you are much less likely to have any unwanted separation that you tend to see in some wood framed decks. All of our 4x4 or 6x6 structural posts are number 1 pressure treated lumber and installed fully installed inside the rim, H blocked, and fastened with Thrulok bolts so you can be assured your deck railing will be solid forever. All multi-ply framing lumber we install is covered with Grace ice and water shield to prevent water from seeping in between any structural members.

We use a minimum of high quality hot dipped galvanized nails from industry leading fastener brands such as Senco, Bostitch, and Hitachi. All structural screws we use are made by the industry leading Fastenmaster. All 3” screws we install with are epoxy coated.

We also offer a full stainless steel fastener and connector upgrade on our custom decks for the longest lasting wood framing option.

We overbuild every single one of our projects. This is something we really take pride in. if the minimum building requirement states a 2x8 is required we frame our decks out of 2x10’s. We are proud of the lasting decks we build and ensure we are well educated in the best practices of deck design.

Our stairs are a showcase of our decks, and that starts with the stair framing. Being that your stairs are one of the highest trafficked areas of your deck, and one of the most vulnerable, we frame our stairs 12’’ on center, and treat the exposed grain of the stringers.

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