Pergola Plans and Construction

A pergola is a type of shade structure that can be installed over your deck or patio to provide shade and/or rain protection depending on the design. They can be freestanding or attached to a wall of your house.

There's two ways we build pergolas. For the lowest maintenance options, we utilize manufactured kits made from vinyl or fiberglass that are offered in many popular sizes, styles, and designs. For unique pergola designs we use wood like cedar or redwood and custom build the pergola piece by piece.

Fiberglass pergolas and columns should be painted. Fiberglass does not absorb moisture, so paint will last much longer. So with a good quality paint you may go 7 to 10 years or longer before recoating.

The good news is that fiberglass pergolas have the ability to be matched to trim or railing colors exactly.

Wood has long been a favorite material for building fine pergolas and arbors. Naturally rot resistant, cedar is easily worked and finishes beautifully with stain or paint. wood pergola allow the greatest design flexibility with regard to size, shape and detailing.

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